As the a member of the new Straw Limits, Sanji are an adversary of Big Mommy Pirates

Although not, he later on been aware of Big Mom’s intend to kill him and you may his household members, with Huge Mom gleefully plotting getting Dessert to help you take your anywhere between the brand new attention

Within Dressrosa, Sanji directly wanted permission to return flame to their ship. [88] Shortly after Sanji is actually obtained from Zou, Tamago made an effort to persuade Sanji to undergo on the relationship and get in on the staff however, Sanji refused. Tamago also given explosive wristlets having Legal to utilize to save Sanji in-line. When Charlotte Pudding held his aunt attentive, she found the girl true nature and additionally their family’s plans to help you kill his or her own family unit members. [89] Sanji is actually dismayed at these types of revelations and you may almost retired themselves in order to are murdered. Weiterlesen